Video: A Brief History of the Mobile Phone

The mobile phone, also known as cellular phone, has become one of the most successful inventions in the 20th century. In the late 90s, mobile phones became one of the major communication devices. The first commercial mobile phone system started in 1979 in Japan. According to Cellular Online, the global mobile phone subscribers in 2003 are around 1.52 billion, which is about 20 percent of the current world population. This figure showed the success of the mobile phone industries. In about 20 years’ time, this technology conquered the global and became a demand for the majority of people in the world. It provided communication for people no matter anywhere and anytime. Mobile phones were meant to be a device which enables users to have the ease on telecommunication freely wherever they want. But in the late 90s, SMS (Short Message Service), a new technology was brought out. SMS is a transmission of short text message from mobile phones to mobile phones. This became a revolution making mobile phones to develop into a device that not only allows simple voice to voice telecommunication. Mobile phone now not only became an entertainment device (featuring functions such as camera, FM and MP3 players etc) but also allowing users to access through internet, personal digital assistant (PDA) functions and also having video conference using the latest 3G network. Someday, mobile phones might be able to replace computers. From the early stages of analog cellular to now the latest 3G

Can mobile phone internet history be seen online?

I just got my first internet-enabled cell phone, but before I go all crazy on the mobile browser looking at things such as Urban Dictionary and Myspace ((both of which I’m not allowed to use)), I want to know if it is possible for my parents to check my browsing history online from the phone service’s website. In case it depends on the carrier, we’ve got T-Mobile.


  1. zzzzzz says:

    Not sure but don’t say to your parent’s your history can be accessed. I hate that, and feel like it’s an invasion of your personal space.

  2. Icanhelp says:

    Sure it is completely possible and highly likely!

  3. chris w says:

    Not sure with tmobile. Pretty sure they can see when but not where

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